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All-in-One Damage Prevention and 811 Ticket Management Solution.

ULOCO mobile, tablet and desktop dashboards showing UI/UX.
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Promptly notify utility personnel about new locate requests via push or email notifications on both mobile and desktop.

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Utilizing GIS data, quickly determine the exact location of underground utilities and generate accurate locate marks on maps.

Location icon displaying a marker.


Review the submitted ticket, access GIS data, and respond to the locate markings through a real-time positive response.

Our locators finally have a convenient way to their locate requests. A huge difference between what we were doing to now.

We've been using ULOCO 811 for years. The ability to filter tickets by priority and view them on the map is game-changing.

Auto Routing & Optimization

No more manual crew assignments. With direct integration to your local 811 system, ULOCO simplifies the process of assigning crews and organizing work.

ULOCO's technology auto-assigns crews based on boundaries as well as optimizes the route if necessary, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. The system seamlessly prioritizes tasks, keeping track of response times and legal dates, so you never miss a deadline.

Screenshot of the mobile app showing a locator's color-coded tickets on their dashboard.
A mobile dashboard showing an 811 ticket boundary where the locator must locate on the map.

GIS Integration

ULOCO allows crews to sort and organize work visually through ESRI and/or Google maps, making it easier than ever to track progress and stay on top of any changes or updates.

For more advanced mapping needs, ULOCO also allows crews to turn on and off layers through our integration with your ESRI ArcGIS layers.

The result is streamlined workflows that save time, reduce errors and ensures the safety and protection of underground assets.

Real-time Uploads & Response

Our platform allows users to effortlessly upload and store their documents for an indefinite duration, ensuring important records are always at their fingertips.

Additionally, ULOCO integrates with the state's positive response system, automating responses directly from the field. This ensures accurate and efficient documentation of your locate response, streamlining field operations and compliance.

A mobile upload screenshot showing uploaded photos and videos of a locate ticket job site.



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